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Furry2Fabulous Treatments
By Appointment Only

Drop Off and Collect After Treatments
These are guide prices and are based on a well maintained coat and animal temperament.

Puppy Groom

Recommended to groom from early age - up to nine months; to introduce your pet to grooming.

Bath/Dry, Brush
Face & Hygiene trim

Small Dogs
From £28

e.g. Bichion Frise, Yorkie, Shihtzu.

Bath/Dry, Brush
Clipping Style
Ears Cleaned

Medium Dogs
From £34

e.g. Cockapoo, Cocker spaniel, King Charles Cavalier, Westie.

Large Dogs
From £38

e.g. Golden Retriever /Labradoodle, Schnauzer.

Express Treatments
While you wait

Face Trim

Tidy up a furry face!

Feet & Pad Trim

Those furry feet are made for walking!

Nail Trim

Cut them nails back and give them a clean!

Pedi Paw
From £3.00

This is a smoothing natural balm which helps heal, moisturize and protect cracked paws.

Add-On Treatments
Cannot be combined with express treatments

Mud Treatments
From £5.00

Helps release undercoat, removes loose fur.

Soothes irritated, sore, itchy, promotes healing, improves hot spots.

Blueberry Facial Massage
From £3.00

This product is great for removing dirt, it helps with tear stains and cleanses the face.

Flea Shampoo
From £5.00

Kill fleas and ticks fast for immediate relief.
Aftercare (you need to kill eggs) should be vet prescribed flea treatment.